Digital Halogen Moisture Balance Analyzer

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  • 100g Capacity
  • 1 mg (0.001g) Resolution
  • 0.01% Moisture Readability
  • 90mm Platform
  • TFT Touchscreen Display
  • Halogen Heating Element
  • Data store & bar code numbering
  • One touch printing facility (optional printer separate)

Digital Halogen Moisture Balance Overview

The all new mLabs ML-1366 Touchscreen Halogen Moisture Balance Analyzer combines high quality and durable construction in a compact design. The ML-1366 is a dependable machine which gives accurate results for a wide variety of moisture analysis applications.

Design Features
3 shut off criteria (manual, timed or auto)
60° to 200°C select-able heating temperature (5° C increments)

The ML-1366 provides accurate results at 0.01% 0.001g (1mg). With a large weighing capacity of 100 grams, it is and ideal tool for food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, chemical and other applications that require fine measurements up to 0.01% or 0.001g.

This Halogen Moisture Balance is one of the easiest to use machines. It’s TFT Touchscreen makes it easy to operate it and perform routine tasks.

The ML-1366 is designed to be compact and take up less space in your laboratory. The easy-to-clean heating chamber is ideal for inexpensive maintenance.

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