Infant Radiant Warmer – mLabs – S

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BRAND – mLabs

The digital, micro processor – based controller comes with a full spectrum of features. Two function control modes provide the clinician more flexibility while optimizing the thermal environment. Dual digital temperature displays allow easy visualization of patient temperature and set point.


mLabs – S Infant Radiant Warmer comes complete with automatic manual /baby (Servo)/Air modes. In addition, the Skin/Air temperature display is larger than other set temperature display. Skin temperature display can be converted form 0C to 0F by the push of a button. A big LCD is provided for more information and visualizations of the heater power in manual and servo modes. A full complement of alarms provides safety and convenience, with both audible and visual indicators in the event of :
• High Temp./ Low Temp.  •  System Fail  • Probe Failure  •  Power Failure  • Timer  •  Heater fail / ON (Optional) only  visual alarm provided

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