UV Sterilizer

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BRAND – mLabs

Ultraviolet Sterilizer for sterilizing the air within the sterilization chamber. An ultraviolet ray is a band of light with short wavelength from 2000 to 2950 angstrom units which posses the greatest germicidal effects of all ultraviolet wavelengths, particularly the wavelengths of 2537 angstrom units. It is extensively used to destroy airborne bacteria, virus, mould pores etc.


Ultraviolet sterilizer can be kept on even during the operations as special measures are taken to save against direct radiation, this unit can be mounted on Wall, Kept on the Table or kept at a Suitable Place.

Five Steps of Sterilization

  • Step-I Dust Filter
  • Step-II 15 Micron Filter
  • Step-Ill Carbon Fitter (Optional)
  • Step-IV U. V. Filter
  • Step-V Ionizer (Optional)
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