Solvent Filtration Apparatus

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BRAND – mLabs

1.  Mainly used in filtration of aqueous phase, organic phase and corrosive liquid,ticularly  recommended for  mobile phase, there is a degassing effect to ensure the clean of mobile phase,prevent the blockage of  liquid road.It can also be used for sterility test,aseptic filtration of heat senstive material.


Filter system solvent consists of solvent

Filter components and vacuum pump.

 Filter include:

1. The triangle fluid bottle

2. The core filter head

3. The filter bowl

4. The clamp

5. Dust cover

6. Rubber hose

7. Hose linker


1. This products is made of high-quality extra hard glass, no air bubble, sparking and crystal-clea,thickness is even.

2. The performance of withstanding voltage and its leakproofness is very good, it can be used for sterilization at high temperature of 121℃ and high pressure.

3.  Acid and alkali resistant, can filter all kinds of aqueous solution, the organic solution and corrosive liquids.

4. The products flows faster, groud-glass is standard.

5. Its size agress with the international standard size to fit for many foreign brands.

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