Oxygen Concentrator 10 Ltr.

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* Flow Rate 0.10- 10L/min
* Outlet Pressure 6-10 PSI (0.04-0.07 Mpa)
* Net Weight 16Kgs
* Sound Level ≤40dB
* Power Consumption ≤350W
* Input Frequency 50Hz; 60Hz
* Put Voltage AC230V ± 10%; AC110V ±10%
* Alarm 1. Power failure alarm;
2. High and low pressure alarm;
3. Low oxygen purity alarm:
When oxygen purity is >82%, blue light illuminates;
When oxygen purity is < 82%, red light illuminates for indicating low purity; 4. Low flow alarm; Optional • Nebulizer (Atomizer) • Low concentration alarm: when oxygen concentration is 82% or above, the green light will be on; when the oxygen concentration is blow 82%, the red light will be on. • Maintenance alarm: alarm for maintenance after 3000 hours' operation. • High temperature alarm: alarm for high temperature when the internal system temperature is above 50°C. • Pulse oximeter: fingertip pulse oximeter is available for monitoring patient's oxygen saturation on site. • Small LCD display: showing accumulated time, present working time and preset time.


Oxygen Concentrator we provide is classified into the ordinary type and the low-noise type. The two types of oxygen gas generators have the same parameters except that the low-noise type one has smaller size, lighter weight and makes lower noises while working. Price of the low-noise type one is slightly higher than the ordinary type one. Our oxygen concentrating machine is energy-saving and safe to use. The optional dual-flow configuration allows two users to inhale oxygen at the same time by sharing one machine.

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