mLabs RefrigSpin Micro High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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BRAND – mLabs

  • Temperature control range: -20~+40 C.
  • The temperature can be maintained at -4 C /+4 C at the highest speed.
  • The pre-cooling function can be quick cooling the samples.
  • The setting temperature can be maintained continuously when centrifugal function is not used and the door cover is closed.
  • It has automatic standby function, optimizes the refrigeration effect and prolongs the service life of the compressor.




mLabs-RefrigSpin micro-high-speed freezing centrifuge has the advantages of powerful function, high versatility, simple operation and so on. It adopts advanced control technology, reliable quality and superior performance. It is widely used in medical laboratory, biochemical and molecular biology research and routine analysis in industrial laboratory, genetic genes, protein nucleic acid. PCR products and other experimental studies are more significant. A variety of rotors can be adapted to meet the needs of daily experiments.

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