mLabs MultiSpot Green Laser

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Convenient adjustment of treatment patterns for spacing and rotation.

The Spacing between spot for each pattern can be changed and pattern can be rotated easily.

Motorized variable spot size

The spot size Is variable from 100 to 500 um (50 to 500 um in single spot mode)

The spot size can be varied easily using a LCD touch screen.

User Friendly Interface

Control panel and full touch graphical color display, put all your operation at your finger tips

Easy selection of delivery system.

Foot pedal with power controls

Convenience of hands free power adjustment.

Uninterrupted procedure for increased visual focus.


Laser type – Diode-pumped solid-state laser 532nm wavelength

Laser power – SLA & LIO mode : 1500mW at cornea ENDO mode : 2000mW at cornea

Exposure time (single spot) – 10mS – 10Sec

Exposure interval (single spot) – 10mS – 10Sec

Aiming beam – 635nm diode laser, adiustable brightness upto 1mW

Patterns – single, line, triangle, square (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5), circle (single, douple, triple), arc (single, douple. triple 1\1,1\2,3\4)

Pattern exposure duration – 10mS – 50mS

Spot size – Single : 50µm, 100µm, 200µm, 300µm, 400µm, 500µm Pattern : 100µm, 200µm, 300µm, 400µm, 500µm Spacing and 360 rotation available

Cooling system – Thermoelectric cooler and fan cooled

Electrical requirement – 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions – Console : 19cm(H)X30cm(W)X30cm(L) SLA Table : 73cm(H)X40cm(W)X100cm(L)

Weight – Console : 6 Kg / 13.2 lbs SLA table : 63 Kg / 139 lbS

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