mLabs Mini High Speed Centrifuge

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BRAND – mLabs

    • Safety lid-lock. prevents opening lid until rotor stops
    • DC motor free of maintenance
    • Short spin and timing set spin patterns make it more efficient
    • LCD Screen dlsplay time and speed,convenient to set and read
    • Use the advance and reliable CPU control system. can be control the RPM. RCF and time accurately.
    • Ventilation cooling system and excellent air heat exchange technology which will be reduced the rotor temperature. ensure the sample undamaged. Sound alert and automatic open the lid after the rotor stops
    • Adjustable speed:l00 – 5000 rpm. Max relative centrifugal force:2850xg High accuracy of speed and time,excellent performance. More samples is dealt at one time with high efficiency.
    • According different kinds requirement with multiple options for selecting different kinds of centrifuge
    • It include the spacer layer outside chamber for absorbing the noise.reducing the vibration; over-speed. over-current,over-voltage protection and imbalance system ensure the machine operating safety. sound alert after operating or error, the LED display show the corresponding error cod
    • Conform to IEC 1010-2-020 safety regulations
    • Separate Short Spin button for fast, convenient quick spins
    • Excellent air-flow minimizes heating-protects    temperature -sensitive samples
    • Lid automatically opens at the end of the run to   reduce handling time
    • Maintenance-free drive
    • Rotor is autoclavable at 121°C, 20 min
    • Chemical resistant inner centrifuge lid
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