mLabs Micro-Spectrophotometer

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BRAND – mLabs.

1. User-friendly software, easy to use

2.  Micro-volumes measuring

3. Fast and easy measurements

4. Long life’s Xenon flash lamp

5. No consumables required

6. No computer required and with touch screen (Nano-300, Nano-400)

7. The Nano-100 / Nano-300 are full range of wavelength (200-SOO nm) detection ability; 



1. It is easy to use, free software updates are available

2. Only require 0.5-2µ1 sample to accurate determinate of nucleic acids, proteins

3. Turn on and instantly measure without lamp warm up time; Easy measurement within 8 sec

4. Xenon flash lamp, 10 flashes, up to 10 years, no cells or cuvettes, no dilutions and expensive consumables

5. Direct microvolume measurements from 1-2µL of sample. Eliminates the need for expensive accessories

6. Nano-300 is equipped with Android system operation

7. The Nano-400 is a basic UV spectrophotometer specifically designed (only three types of wavelength 230nm,260nm and 280nm) for nucleic acids and proteins

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