mLabs Floor Filter Media

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BRAND – mLabs

Usage/Application Air Filter
Color Green
Filtration Medium Material Synthetic Fiber
Packaging Type Roll

Construction & Features :-
• Temp resistance : 170°C
• Type : Supply slices or rolls size
• Media : Fiber glass with gradual density, inlet side is green, yellow color, outlet side is white.
• EN779 class : G2, G3, G4
• Average arrestance : 93% (ASHRAE52.1-1992)
• EUROVENT4/5 class : EU2, EU3, EU4
• Average separation efficiency : 95 %
• Final resistance : (suggest) 130Pa-200Pa

Advantages :-
• Low Initial resistance
• High separation efficiency
• Different color on inlet and outlet side
• Flexible
• Economical and practical
• Long service life
• Regularity of pressure drop-increase
• High holding capacity of dust and paint

Application :-
• Paint collector as an exhaust-air filter for paint-spraying cabins and paint shops.
• Dust collector, automatic roll filters as a pre-filter for coarse dust particles in ventilation and air-conditioning equipments.

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