mLabs Digital PH Meters

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BRAND – mLabs

Type Digital
Model No. mLabs-20
Display 3 1/2 digit LED
Temperature Auto 0 to 100degree
Compensation Manual 0 to 100degree
Slope Correction 80 to 120%
Power 230V + 10%
Dimensions 76 x 275 x 175

Digital PH Meters offered to come with automatic temperature compensation combination pH electrode and RTD probe, as well as the support of 3½ Digit, LED display. These find suitability for measurement of pH and MV and provide stable and accurate functioning support. We also offer the meters with auto temperature compensation facility that allows it to perform pH, ORP as well as temperature measurements with faster accuracy and response time.

Accessories: Combination pH Electrode, Buffer Tablets 4pH & 7pH, Operation Manual, Electrode Stand, Dustcover.

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