mLabs -D III Circulating Water Vacuum Pump

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BRAND – mLabs

Working Conditions – Wet

Work Function – Maintain the pump

Vacuum Degree – 0.098kp

Exauhster Method – Entrapment Vaccum Pump

Structure – Desktop



1. Many pumping holes, can be used alone or with two vacuum gauge
2. The material of centre of the body is stainless steel and special plastics. The material of the tank is special antisepsis plastics.
3. Equipped with special fluid muffle to reduce the friction noise of the gas and liguid in water. The vacuum will be higher and more stable.
4. Corrosion resisting, no pollution, low noise, convient to move and can add vacuum control valve if the customer needs.
5. The material of the water tank is special plastics, corrosion resisting to the things with acetone, aether, chloroform and some other chemiclas.

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