mLabs Dental Autoclave 3

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BRAND – mLabs

Voltage – AC 220 V/110 V  ±10%

Frequency – 50/60 Hz

Max Hp – 2000 VA

Tank Capacity – 18L to 25L

Sterilizing temperature – 134℃/121℃

Inside Dimension – Φ249×450 mm

Net weight – 39 kg


1. Based on Class N standard, installed with wrapped and unwrapped system, both of them have the choice on 121 and 134℃

2.Sterilizing were controlled by computer, most suitable for the dept of Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery and Lab.

3.With safety system like: safety valve, manual door lock, error self-test and overheat protector.

4.The chamber were made by special Stainless Steel #304, working pressure from-0.9bar to 2.3 bar.

5.The bracket installed with 3 sterilizing plate.

6.Quick sterilizing process in 15-30 minutes(depend on the temperature)

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