mLabs-DAWN 4+4 TWIN

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BRAND – mLabs

Number of LED 60 x 2
Intensity 160000 X 2 Lux
Diameter of Light 650mm x 2
Spot Diameter 100- 150 mm
Depth Lumination  10 – 15 cm
Colour Temp.  3800-5200K
Colour Rendering Index  91 Ra
Focusing Manual
LED Average Life  >50000 Hrs.
Intensity Control  10-100 Digital
Power Supply  220V/50Hz AC
Power 65watt x 2
Special Function 5 Memory Function with Remore Control

Full Spectrum Colour Rendition :- Reduce Eye Strain by making the light do the work Instead of the eyes

Efficiency and long life :- The high efficiency achieves more light with less energy.

Environment Friendly :- LED uses less energy to produced large beam. LEDs are mercury free, do not contain harmful chemical.

Advanced Technology :- To achieve depth of illumination, colour temperature and colour indication index of harmony and unity. Imported and High Performance LED and Optics for Energy Saving and Superior Quality View.

Special LED :- To give out Direct Illumination for Deep Cavity Operation.












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