Life-Size Human Heart Model for Science, Anatomy and Cardiology students For Medical Training

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  • Perfect for teaching and education: this life size model is perfect for biology, anatomy and cardiology student learning and teaching and class presentations
  • The Model is dissectible into 2 parts. The front heart wall is removable to view the chambers and internal structures
  • It is an ideal tool in the cardiac clinics and hospital departments for PATIENT EDUCATION

LIFE SIZE: This human heart model shows the anatomy of the heart with ventricles, atriums, valves veins and the aorta in great anatomical detail. 2 PARTS: The model is dissectible into 2 parts that can be removed to study the chambers and internal structures. COLORFUL PLASTIC: The bright colors of this heart model help you tell the different structures apart. It helps to identify the functions of each part and the direction of blood flow The mLabs model is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, which is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and has high strength. The model is mounted on a stand with plastic base

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