Life Size Female Human Pelvis Model for Medical Training

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1 pelvic walls pubic symphysis is short and wide, large pubic arch angle of 90-100 degrees, the sacral promontory prominent small ischial spinous flat bone pelvic cavity A cylindrical, shallow and wide.

2. The pelvic inlet & have spent Nearly round or oval.

3 pelvic outlet wide, wide distance between the tuberosity.


Characteristics of the female pelvis

Female pelvis The fetusDelivery ThepassagewaySo there is a significant difference between male and female pelvis. The main performance is: the female pelvis holomorph short and broad, is round, wide, mouth diameter (sagittal diameter and transverse diameter) were lower than men, and the greater mobility of coccyx, Symphysis pubis is wider, and the tuberosity of the sciatic tuberosity is valgus, which makes the diameter of the pelvic delivery Can be extended to a certain extent.


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