Isolated Tissue Bath

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BRAND – mLabs

  • No leakage- Thick Perspex joint free tank
  • No glass parts- Organ bath tube is made of P. P. And reservoir coil is made of Perspex making system breakage free and maintenance free
  • No leakage from organ tube fitting- Use of polypropylene bush for fixing organ tube in place of rubber cork
  • Uniform Temperature- Inbuilt water circulation pump for uniform temperature control
  • Available as 1, 2 or 4 channel system
  • Available with analogue and digital temperature controller


Specifications mLabs-1AW mLabs-1D mLabs-2A mLabs-2D
Water Bath One Bath One Bath One Bath One Bath
Water stirrer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature controller Analogue Digital Analogue Digital
Organ bath tube 01 01 02 02
Temperature range                                                        5°C above ambient TO 60°C
Temperature accuracy ±5°C ±5°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C
Copler Set 01 set 01 set 02 set 02 set
Aeration tube 01 01 02 02
Power requirements 220/230V AC 50Hz 

110/110v AC 50-60Hz*

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