High Temperature Viscometer

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  • Test error – ±3% (Newtonian liquid)
  • Repetitive error – ±1.5%(Newtonian liquid)
  • Temperature control rang – Room temperature plus 10℃-250℃ (300℃ optional)
  • Temperature control accuracy – 0.1℃
  • Print interface – Yes
  • Can be used for Bitumin testing

The high temperature viscometer adopts
coaxial center structure, uses the small
quantity sample adapter, each measurement
needs the sample quantity to be very small,
thetemperature control is quick and
accurate.Full range, all stop linearity
through the
PCinterface, with different viscosity of
standard samples for measurement
correction,to ensure that the instrument has
highaccuracy and repeatability. Wide range
ofmeasurements suitable for testing

Main features:
1. horizontal bubble front, sitting adjustment level can be very convenient.
2. have timing measurement function. Most of the samples we measured were
typicalnon-Newtonian liquids with viscosity other than temperature and shear
In addition to the rate, it is also related to the length of the measurement.
Tomake the measured data comparable, the measured time
It must be consistent.
3. the display accuracy of the measured data is two decimal places.
4. measurement data is displayed directly on the LCD screen without
5. use small sample adapters, the amount of samples required for testing is
verysmall, usually only 15-20 ml;
6. temperature range: room temperature plus 10-250(optional 300 heating
7. viscometer with RS232 interface can be directly connected to the micro


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