Gas Flow Meters (Wet Type)

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  • Make  – mLabs
  • Capacity – 1 Liter / Revolution
  • Minimum Flow Rate – 1 Liter / Hour
  • Maximum Flow Rate – 270 Liters / Hour
  • Nozzles – Inlet & Outlet nozzles are provided
  • Water Bubble – Provided to level the meter
  • Dial with Needle – Provided to read the cumulative volume of gas
  • Counter – 5 digit counter provided to read the cumulative volume of gas
  • Working Pressure – 2″ to 12″ water column
  • Handle – Provided to lift the meter
  • Thermometer – Provided to measure the temperature of gas
  • Water level Indicator – Provided to indicate the water level in the meter



We provide Wet Type Laboratory Gas Flow MeterThe gas flow meter (wet type) consists of a measuring drum made of stainless steel fitted with a spindle enclosed in a  cylindrical, gas tight casing of stainless steel. The measuring drum rotates on a horizontal axis. The instrument is filled with sealing liquid (generally distilled water) up to marked level. The measuring drum is divided into four compartments, and the gas gets filled and discharged as the drum rotates.

The gas inlet and outlet connections are made of gas filled nylon and are provided on the back of the meter. A drain plug is provided to drain the liquid. On the right hand side of the meter a water level indicator block is fitted in which an armored thermometer is inserted to indicate the temperature of the gas. Three leveling screws and a spirit level are provided for leveling the meter. The meter is provided with a handle for easy movement. A needle that rotates along with the drum indicates instantaneous flow volume on a dial marked in liters. A mechanized counter is provided for recording number of revolutions, thereby giving cumulative volume of gas flow.

The accuracy of the meter depends upon the number of revolutions of the drum per minute. The accuracy of measurement is +/- 0.5% when the flow rate of gas is within that specified. Accuracies are for full revolutions only. Accuracy for part revolutions available as options.

Each meter is calibrated at factory. The requisite liquid level required for the meter to measure flow volume as per its capacity per revolution is duly marked on the water level indicator block. Recalibration if required may be done at user site. Requisite guidelines for calibration can be provided on request. Meters calibrated for part revolutions can be supplied against special orders.

For highly accurate measuring of low volumes of gas flow at low pressures and low flow rate. Can be used for all gases except those which are highly corrosive.Predominantly used in Petroleum & Petro chemical Industries, Fertilizer plants, Gas producing & gas consuming industries, calibration of LPG & Bio Gas Stoves, Bio Gas plants, Coke processing batteries, Research labs, Plastic industries etc.

Available Models

Model No: mLabs- 08G

  • Capacity:  1 Liter / Revolution
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 1 Liter / Hour
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 270Liters / Hour

Model No: mLabs- 06G

  • Capacity:  3 Liters / Revolution
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 9 Liters / Hour
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 810 Liters / Hour

Model No: mLabs- 04G

  • Capacity:  10 Liters / Revolution
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 100 Liters / Hour
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2700 Liters / Hour
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