Diaphragm Vacuum Pump mLabs – 0.5 II

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BRAND – mLabs

Speed of evacuation(L/Min) 30
Ultimate pressure Vacuum ≥0.095Mpa  50mbar
Voltage rating 220Vac,50Hz
Motor power(W) 160W
Temperature of working environment 7-40
Function Vacuum Pressure
Temp of the body 300*120*235


  1. The strong corrosion resistance of anti-corrosive type pump. It is able to tolerate almost all strong acid , strong alkali, strong oxidizer, reductant, and variety of organic solvents.
  2. It withstands high and low temperatures, can be used in temperature of -190℃ to 260℃.
  3. It is of non-sticky surface, most solid material and impurity particles cannot conglutinate on the surface.
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