Colonometer mLabs-2/mLabs-3

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BRAND – mLabs.

Model Voltage Power rating of lamp Total power consumption Capacity of the Counter Diameter of the counting plate External Demension Magnification
mLabs-2 AC 100- 240V (50/60Hz) 16W 20W 0-999 Φ115mm 255x210x160mm 3 times (9 times)
mLabs3 AC 220V ±10% (50/60Hz) 50W 0-999 or 0- 9999 Φ155mm 360x300x 180mm 3 times (9 times)

mLabs-2 Colonometer:

This instrument is consists of counter, sensor, counting cell etc, reasonable design which can give a visible colony comparing, easy to observe, couple with special pen, it will be ring when count and ensure the accuracy of the testing, apply to Φ50-Φ100 mm, the magnification is variable, It is a necessary instrument for all levels of health and epidemic prevention stations.

mLabs-3 Colonometer: 

It is a digital display for counting the germs, capacity of the count  is from 0 to 999, the button return back to ” o” automatically. When error in counter, push the”-” and”+”, and the counter will be less or add. With sensor, it’s sensitive, incl sound indicator, to ensure the counting is correct. This instrument supply with special pen, enhance the efficiency of the counter, the magnifier can be adjusted to perfect position with flexible arm. The magnification up to 3x ,it’s easy to compare bacteria, apply to Φ50-Φ150mm.

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