Bubble CPAP Machine – Restohealth mLabs – 02

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BRAND – mLabs

Newborn / Pediatric CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation Support System.

Additional Feature

  • With inbuilt Air-oxygen blender.
  • Compact, easy to carry with built in handle on the top.
  • Can be used as transport CPAP, if attached to power-supply and oxygen.
  • New concept free built-in air compressor easy BUBBLE CPAP.
  • Low power design for spontaneous breathing of newborns and children, to provide continuous positive pressure ventilation support.
  • Small size, low noise, maintenance-free for N ICU, transport, pediatric ward and other different place.

Continuous positive airway pressure support system with nasal or nasal congestion CPAP (Nasal-CPAP) will continue to positive air flow into the airway CPAP ventilator. Refers to the spontaneous breathing conditions, in the entire breathing cycle of artificial imposition of a certain degree of positive airway pressure, which is conducive to prevent airway collapse, increase the functional residual capacity , Improve lung compliance, and improve oxygenation.

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