Blood Donor Couch

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BRAND – mLabs

  • Facility for blood collection from both sides.
  • Provides comfortable position for the donor.
  • Variable positioning for either arm with Comfortably wide arm-rests.
  • Tilt adjustment can be done by using remote control.
  • Comfortable chair type with soft padding for cushioning and rexin cover.
  • Two Geared Actuator
  • Ensuring safety and comfort to the donor.
  • 4 Heavy Duty Lockable castors for easy mobility.
  • Based on hemodynamic principles. (Donor’s head can be lowered immediately and legs can be lifted above heart level so that blood can flow back to the brain and other vital organs, in case of vasovagal attack)

Micro-controller Based Blood Donor Couch is designed to provide a comfortable position for the donor. Donor’s position can be easily shifted from upright body position.

All surfaces of the couch are smooth, easily accessible and can be kept clean. Electrical and mechanical accessories are housed inside the structure making the product safer. Seat elements are designed with ergonomic consideration to maximize donor comfort.


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