Automatic Touchfree Electric Hand Sanitizer Dispenser/Spray Foam Gel Sensor Soap Dispenser

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  • Infrared sensor motion-activated, 100% touch-free
  • Perfect for use in hospitals,home, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, schools,hotels and restaurants
  • Large easy to refill opening, for liquid soaps, sanitizes or lotions


mLabs Touch less automatic soap dispenser automatic soap dispensers are suitable for anyone concerned about the spread of germs from bacteria,virus  and would like to keep their home as clean and safe as possible. Its contemporary design and elegant  finish ensures this infrared soap dispenser looks perfectly at your workplace or home . Touch-free auto-soap dispenser is not only great for dispensing all kinds of liquid soap; it can be used to dispense products such as lotions and hand sanitizes. Suitable for use all around the home from kitchen to bathroom, office, showroom. Automatic soap dispenser uses accurate infrared technology to dispense liquid soap, hand sanities or lotion without the need to ever touch the unit itself (well except when you refill of course). Simply place you hands underneath the sensor area until the soap is dispensed, then wash your hands as normal.

Product Name  mLabs Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Material ABS plastic


L 123* W 114* H 260 mm
unit product weight 0.9Kg
capacity 1000 ml
Battery Version

8 pcs AA batteries

external electric version 100-240 V electric adapter or batteries
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