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Fully Automatic Microtome

  • The machine is a streamline design with advance features stable and reliable performance and ease to use.
  • The feeding system uses an intelligent control mechanism enable quick switching between manual or automated smart sectioning mode, automatic slicing speed is adjustable.
  • Advanced drive systems and multiple functions including sectioning, trimming, fast forward/backward, quick mode conversion including automatic retraction.

Semi Automatic Microtome

  • Total section thickness range from 0.5 up to 100µm.
  • Specimen retraction during return travel 0-200µm, selectable.
  • Horizontal specimen feed Approx. 30mm.
  • Vertical specimen feed Approx. 60mm.
  • Sectioning Modes 1 Manual Mode.
  • Specimen Orientation Horizontal : 8°, Vertical : 8°, Z : 360°.
  • Object feed 28mm
  • Max. Specimen size 50 x 50mm.
  • Operation Semi-Automatic.
    Fine section thickness feed via precision stepping motor: 0.25µm-0.5µm-0.75µm-1µm-1.25µm— 1.5µm-1.75µm-2µm— 2.25µm-2.5µm-3µm-3.5µm-4µm-4.5µm-5µm-6µm—7µm-8µm-9µm-10µm— 12µm-14µm— 16µm-18µm-20µm-22µm-24µm— 26µm-28µm-30µm-35µm-40µm-45µm-50µm-55µm-60µm-70µm-80µm-90µm-100µm
    Trimming thickness feed via stepping motor: 1µm-2µm-3µm-4µm-5µm-6µm-7µm-8µm—9µm-10µm-12µm-14µm-16µm-18µm-20µm-25µm-30µm-35µm-40µm-45µm-50µm-60µm-70µm-80µm-90µm—100µm-110µm-120µm-130µm-140µm-150µm—200µm-250µm—300µm-350µm-400µm-450µm-500µm-550µm-600µm

    Nominal Voltage: 220V,50Hz / 110V,60Hz.

Spencer Rotary Microtome


Senior precision Rotary Microtome is manually operated microtome, used to produce thin sections of specimens of different hardness in both routine and research applications in Laboratory, Pathology and Histopathology, biology, medicine and institutes. The Rotary Microtome are designed to section soft materials embedded in paraffin as well as harder specimen, provided those specimen are still suitable for manual sectioning. The instrument ensures life-long smooth operation. Individual components are fabricated and assembled from selected material using latest technology

The internal mechanism and knife holder rest on a heavy and rigid base to render a shake proof operation. The latest designed protective cover is hinged to the base and swings back so that the interior parts will be completely exposed for cleaning, lubrication and setting etc. the feed mechanism is dependent on the vertical movement of the object block. With every complete revolution of the counter balanced drive wheel the feed pawl engages precisely on to the gear which moves towards and advances the object holder thought a cone, inclined plane mechanism in such a precise increments that tissues can be sectioned even in one micron thickness. When the limit of the feed is reached at the end, a safety device automatically disengages the feed mechanism to prevent jamming and damage to the feed screws. The feed indicator is located in the front and feed setting is controlled by a knurled knob at the back of the microtome, to adjust section thickness from 1-50 microns in steps of one microns each. The sturdy knife holder is addition to knife elevating and leveling provides lateral movements for complete use of knife edge.

The angle adjustable is indicated on a reference scale. The knife supplied with the microtome is fabricated from high carbon fie grain tool steel which is heat treated for proper temper and tested for micro structures. It is furnished in attractive hammer tone finish and is packed with following accessories in a wooden case along with operating manual.


  • Feed adjustments 1-50µm
  • Minimum thickness 1 µm
  • Net weight 30 kg approx.
  • Gross weight 42 kg. approx.


  • Knife 120 mm, with back & handle in box -1
  • Universal vise- 1
  • Honing stone in box- 1
  • Dust cover -1
  • Oil can-1
  • Tissue Embedding cassette 1 packet of 50 Pcs
  • Object holder (set of three)- 1 Set
  • Illustrated operating manual- 1

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES – Disposable Blade Attachment.

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