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mLabs-CM-60L Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier

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mLabs-CM-60L Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier


BRAND – mLabs

  • The body material of the dehumidifier is made of cold-rolled sheet metal with epoxy powder coating paint
  • Evaporator and Condenser of dehumidifier is epoxy-coated for better durability and corrosion resistant.
  • Low maintenance cost and energy efficient design dehumidifier.
  • Dehumidifier equipped with reliable and high-performance reciprocating compressor with environmental friendly refrigerant R134A or R410A.
  • Energy Saving, High Efficiency AC/EC Centrifugal fan for low noise, High static pressure operation with Variable Speed controller is equipped with our dehumidifier.
  • Optional 5-stages of Air Filtration System (Primary, Secondary, HEPA, Ionizer, UV Sterilizing Lamp) Can be built in the dehumidifier.
  • The dehumidifier is built with reliability for long hour operation 24/7.
  • Advance touch button controller with built-in temperature and humidity sensor. it is easy to set up the dehumidifier and settings will be stored in memory.
  • Honeycomb Structure Evaporator with blue Coated Hydrophilic water-repellent, which provide better efficiency to dehumidify the air.
  • Water Drain Pan of the dehumidifier is made of SUS304 Stainless Steel to prevent to corrosion damage.
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