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Jumbo Heart Model For Medical Training

  • This Model Helps Students To Understand The External Features And Internal Structures Of The Heart, And Its Relation With The Large Blood Vessels
  • Thus A Clearer Conception Of The Routes Of The Systemic And Pulmonary Circulation Can Be Obtained
  • Dissectible Into 3 Parts, 4 Times Enlarged
  • Made Of PVC Plastic
  • Mounted On Base

Larynx, Heart and Lung PVC Model For Medical Training

  • Made of Washable Wand Unbreakable PVC Plastic
  • Superior quality that closely resembles to original Larynx, Heart and Lung
  • This life-size model separating into 7 parts.
  • The lungs have two removable lobes to show the internal structures, the heart bisects showing atria, ventricles and valves, the larynx bisects and the diaphragm is shown.
  • Size : 36 x 23 x 12 cm

Life-Size Heart Model


BRAND – mLabs

This heart model shows the anatomy of human heart with ventricles, atriums, valves, veins, and the aorta in great anatomical detail. The front heart wall is removable to view the chambers and internal structure. Dissectible into 2 parts.

Life-Size Human Heart Model for Science, Anatomy and Cardiology students For Medical Training

  • Perfect for teaching and education: this life size model is perfect for biology, anatomy and cardiology student learning and teaching and class presentations
  • The Model is dissectible into 2 parts. The front heart wall is removable to view the chambers and internal structures
  • It is an ideal tool in the cardiac clinics and hospital departments for PATIENT EDUCATION
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