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3 in 1 CO2 Meter Thermometer Hygrometer Digital Portable Gas Leak Detector


* Record mode: manual measurement, immediate measurement
* Carbon dioxide measurement scope: 0~9999PPM
* Humidity measurement scope: 0%RH~99.9%RH
* Resolution ratio: 0.1%RH
* Accuracy: ±3% (10~90%)

Digital Wind Speed Meter Measurement Device Handheld with Carry Bag CFM/CMM Thermo Anemometer, 198 X 85 X 45 mm, Black and White


* CFM/CMM Thermo- Anemometer +Infrared Thermometer
* Air Velocity:m/s;ft/min;km/h;MPH;Knots
* 20 point average for Air Flow
* Celsius temperature / Fahrenheit temperature measurement conversion
* Operating temperature:32°F~122°F(0°C~50°C)

PM2.5 Detector Particle Monitor Dust Particle Counter Temperature and Humidity Measurement Air Analyzer


* PM2.5 air quality detection: PM2.5 Pm10
* Resolution ratio of sensor: 1ug/m3
* Storage record: 1000 groups of data
* Temperature measurement range: -40℃+125℃ Precision ±0.5℃
* Humidity measurement range: 0-100%RH Precision ±2%RH

Portable Digital CO2 Meter CO2 Monitor Detector Gas Analyzer 9999ppm CO2 Analyzers Temperature Relative Humidity Test


* Temperature Range: -10.0~70.0°(14~158°)
* Accuracy: ±0.6°/ ±0.9°(0~50°/ 32~122°), others ±1.2°
* Humidity Range: 0.1~99.9%
* Storage Condition: -20~60°, 0~99%RH
* Accuracy: ±3%(10~90%)

Wind Speed Meter Digital Bluetooth Pocket Size Anemometer Measurement Thermometer Mini Wind Meter Anemometer


* Bluetooth function
* Automatic shutdown function
* Provided with dedicated APP
* Switching of wind speed units
* Wind speed and temperature measurements at the same time

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