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CPR half body training model

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Basic CPR Training Model (Half Body)


BRAND – mLabs

CPR manikin features:
1) Head can be raised up and down, neck joint is movable
2) Eyelid can open and close
3)Nose wing is soft, easy to tweak. The mouth can open and close. Can do mouth to mouth respiration or mouth to nose respiration
4) Consist of spring and heart model in heart part
5) Skin is springy with natural skin color

CPR instrument feature:
1) Green light bright, heart pressure correct
2) Red light bright, heart pressure too strong
3) No light bright, pressure on a wrong place or pressure is too light

Half Body CPR Training Model (Female)


BRAND – mLabs

1) Airway opening simulation

2) Handling press on the chest: strength correct (4-5cm), show correct bumming Pressure too large (over 5cm), show alert bumming

3) Mouth to mouth (blowing): the tidal volume range judged by observing the ups and downs of the chest (tidal volume standard ≤500ml/600m-1000mll≤)

4) Operating frequency: the latest international standard: 100 times/min.

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