Product Tag: Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge 6 and 12 Bags

Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge 6 and 12 Bags

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Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge 6 and 12 Bags


BRAND – mLabs

  • 4800 R P M with 10 RPM increment
  • Continues read out of working RCF Value
  • Temperature control with Working temperature in the range of -5 °C to 25 °C depending on the speed of rotations
  • 99 program memory, brush less induction motor drives
  • 1 to 120 minutes timer programmable in 1 minute increment with infinite mode
  • User programmable Acceleration and Deceleration time range from 40 seconds to 450 seconds
  • Mechanical and Electronic lid lock with indicator,
  • Imbalance indicator
  • LCD display of set and working parameters.
  • Specially designed cooling system allow pre-cooling of rotor head and also allow the cooling system to work even when the centrifuging operation is complete, thereby eliminating damage to heat sensitive material.
  • The Centrifuge chamber is made of stainless steel and is effectively insulated and separated from other parts
  • Counter Balanced & fall safe Lid with hydraulic system.
  • Max. Speed 4800 RPM , Max RCF. 6000x g depending on rotor heads. (without rotor head and carriers).
  • 6 Place Swing out rotor suitable for carrying 6 Nos. metal buckets Maximum speed 4500 RPM . Centrifugal force 5000-6000g
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